SnaBiz needs more work but has potential

A business card scanner, such as SnaBiz, makes transferring contact information from business cards to your address book both quick and easy. 

I tested SnaBiz on seven different business cards with various backgrounds and fonts. Out of the seven, only two had good results. The other four resulted in garbled letters with an occasional recognizable word scattered here and there. The amount of editing it took to correct the contact information made the app of little value. It would have been easier to type the card information from scratch than do all the editing. These four cards had either blue or white colored fonts or the font was in italics. 
The two cards that contained black, non-serif fonts, however, did fairly well as you can see from this photo. The information was mostly accurate (the name was wrong, but it was printed in an italic font) and in the right places. Only a small amount of editing needed to be done. From here, it was easy to transfer the contact information into my address book using the app. It appears that it's accuracy depends on the font color and type. It doesn't appear to matter whether the background is dark or light as long as the font themselves were darker and sans-serif. 
The developer of SanBiz suggests purchasing "Clarify" from Griffin Technology to get the best results. Clarify is $34.99. I suppose if I had hundreds of cards I wanted to scan, it would be worth the extra money, assuming Clarify does fix the problem. I was not able to review the app using Clarify so I can't give you that information.
I really hope that the font issue is cleared up in future updates of SnaBiz. I particularly liked this app because all the transcription is done right in the app itself using the Tesseract OCR engine, and it only takes a few moments to process. Another business card scanner I looked into requires a 24-hour wait while the data is processed online.
If you have lots of business cards with dark, non-serif fonts, this app might be worth the money. Personally, I would wait and see what future updates do to improve the product. If the font issue is cleared up, I will definitely recommend SnaBiz. 


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