SimplyTweet 3 - Not just another Twitter app


When I was asked to review SimplyTweet 3, my first reaction was “not another Twitter app!” But, this one is different. As a matter of fact, it has so many features that I cannot list them all. You’ll have to check the website to read them.

Here’s just a few:

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Push notifications for Mentions and Direct Messages

Themes – I love the way you can customize the look of the app.

Multiple accounts – I can keep track of more than one Twitter account and it’s VERY easy to move from account to account. I simply click on the account I want to view and up it comes!

Provides several different ways to shorten your message to fit 140 characters

Insert photos in your Twitter message – this is extremely easy. You can search photos, too!

I also like the way, I can choose what type of feed to read whether it’s my friends, my own tweets, my own retweets, mentions, retweets by friends, inbox or sent messages, or even blocked users.

I can update my account right on the iPad, too.

There's more. Much more; but you’ll have to check it out for yourself. I think you’ll be glad you did.

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