Sending Ransom Notes to my friends!

I admit it. I've been avoiding schoolwork and spending too much time on iPhone apps. How can I concentrate on school work when I keep getting apps to review like Ransom Letters (v. 1.5). I love decorating my photos and sending them to my friends; and with Ransom Letters, I can add fun messages written like a ransom note. 

It's SUPER easy to use. You choose a photo from your album or take one from the app. Then you type in your message, "pinch" the screen to make the text bigger or smaller and set it where you want it. Save it and then E-mail it to your friends. In the next update, your finished "art work" will upload directly to Flickr from the app. For now, you have to e-mail it. 
Personally, I would like to have the ability to separate the words and edit them individually as far as size and position on the screen; however, I've been told that that would make the program more complicated and less user friendly. They are working on it and if they can get it to work in a simple intuitive manner, they will add this feature in a future version.
Whether they do or don't, I find this a fun app that I will use often to have fun with my friends. 


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