The Samson Meteor Mic - perfect for anyone looking for a simple solution to recording

Some of us are looking for recording solutions that are simple to use. We’re not sound engineers or experts in electronics. If that’s you, check out the Samson Meteor Mic.

Here’s why:

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#1 – The Meteor Mic is simple to use. It connects directly to your iPad or computer via USB. No driver required. Simply plug it in and play. I was up and running within minutes. All I had to do was to go into my system preferences and select the Meteor Mic as my audio input. Then I opened Garage Band and started recording.

#2 – The sound quality is great. The Meteor Mic features a 25mm condenser diaphragm, which is larger than other USB mics. My podcasts came out very good when I spoke within 3-6” of the microphone. There was no background noise and the recording was clear and understandable. I did notice, however, that as I pulled away, it caused a slight echo. If you’re going to do a lot of recording, you’ll probably want to invest in a stand. The Meteor Mic has a built-in 5/8” thread mount for a stand.

#3 –It’s fun! The zinc, chrome-plated body with LED lights and fold-back legs is very retro looking. Cool to look at and it’s portable.  

The Meteor Mic is compatible with Garage Band and is ideal for Skype voice recognition software, podcasting and recording music.

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