The Real Mother Goose - interactive fun for kids!


I love classic literature and Mother Goose rhymes are one of my favorites. Now, you can read them to your kids in an interactive version! This makes them double the fun.


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The Real Mother Goose app features 10 interactive nursery rhymes. You can read them yourself or listen to them being read by a narrator (pleasant female voice). There is also a painting program (tap the painter’s palette on the opening menu to access).

My favorite tales on this app:

The Cat and the Fiddle – Listen to the cat play the fiddle and the dog laugh; the cow jumps over the moon and the dish really does run away with the spoon!

Hickory Dickory Dock – watch the mouse run up the clock; hear the clock tick and strike one; and then let your kids practice telling time – very cool!

Humpty Dumpty  - watch Humpty fall and then put him back together again! Puzzle is fun!


Rain Rain Go Away – I like the colorful scene in this one. The goose honks and the rain turns off and on.

The painting program appears to be an after thought. It’s pretty generic. Pick a crayon color and draw on the screen. I got extremely frustrated with the eraser, as it takes forever to erase.

I would rate this app with 5 stars, but I think the price is too high, especially for the number of nursery rhymes included. I recommend the developers spend time developing rhymes and forget the painting program. I can already buy exceptional painting programs. It might work if the kids could color each of the nursery rhymes. But, what I’m mainly looking for are more fun stories for kids.  

Rated 4 Stars (for now!). I feel certain the next update will be a winner because this app can only get better!

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