Reaction to the new Otterbox Reflex – Genius!

When informed I was receiving the new Otterbox Reflex case for the iPad 2, I was skeptical that they could improve on an already superb product – the Otterbox Defender (See my previous review. Was I in for a surprise!

The Reflex is a totally new design that is perfect for the iPad 2 owner who doesn’t need the extremely rugged protection of the Defender, but does want protection for everyday use.

What sets the Reflex case apart from other cases is its design. Yes, it’s sleek, lightweight, and stylish; but more unique is the sound port openings on the case. The openings are designed to direct the sound up and around to the front of the case, resulting in a louder, clearer and more robust sound from the iPad. My son, Wil, called it, “Genius!” I’ve not seen this on any other case that I’ve reviewed. Other manufacturers should take a lesson from Otterbox. This is a 5+ feature!

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The Reflex comes in two pieces – a front cover/stand and a back cover. The case is easy to install and features a built-in stand with both a vertical and horizontal slant. Wil was not crazy about the black/clear front cover. He said he would prefer it be all black or all clear. But that is a preference.

Although the Reflex doesn’t have the rugged protection of the Defender, this case has protective enough for everyday, indoor use. Otterbox has a good name for a good reason. It’s not just the design; the cases are also extremely well made. It’s comfortable and gives you confidence that it will hold up for a long time.

The bottom line: If you need a lot of protection, get the Defender. But if you require normal, everyday use protection, you can’t beat the unique design of the Otterbox Reflex. I believe the average person will prefer the Reflex. Wil did. He quickly took it off my hands!

Protection/Durability: 4-1/2 stars

Value: 5 stars

Design: 5+ stars


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