Portable Spelling Teacher!


First Words Deluxe offers kid-friendly illustrations and entertaining sound effects that capture the interest of young children as they learn to recognize letters and spell more than 100 words.

The game teaches words for animals (examples: sheep, yak, mouse, goat, duck), vehicles (examples: backhoe, cab, ferry, jet, van), shapes (not just the usual ones – also contains words like rainbow and clover), colors (all kinds) and words used at home (examples: towel, house, sink, keys, bowl).

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When your child solves the spelling puzzle, the game speaks out the letters and then rewards the child with an animation and sound effect. For example, when solving the wolf puzzle, the wolf flips over and howls.

Letter hints help the child learn how to spell the words, and audible speech teaches the sounds of the letters. Alternatively, you can turn the speech off, letting the child speak the letters him or herself. To make it even more challenging, you can turn off letter hints.

Other options include displaying only upper or lowercase letters and setting the word order to alphabetical or random.

This is another great educational product to keep in your pocket for easy learning on the go. You can try a sample first by downloading the First Words Sampler for free.

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