PlugBug - Why didn't Apple think of this?

I don’t know why Apple didn’t think of this - a charger that’s convenient and saves you time and money.


PlugBug is an all-in-one charger that charges two devices at a time: a MacBook and either an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. AND it’s fast!

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With its 10 watts and 2.1 amps of power, it’s 4x faster than other USB connections. Even when charging a iPad, which requires two times the power of most other USB devices, the PlugBug is fast. And you don't need separate chargers to do them all! 


The PlugBug includes a MacBook plug attachment that works with all current and previous generations of MacBook power adapters.  It can also be used as a stand-alone charger for the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. 


Weighing in at only 0.15 pounds, its compact, 2x3x1 inch body easily fits into portfolio cases and purses. And you only need one outlet and one charger to charge all your devices. No more fighting at the airport for outlets! 


The only thing better than PlugBug would be a charger this powerful that charges all three of my devices all at once. Until then, the PlugBug is my charger of choice. 


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