Pirate Puzzle - Kids who love pirates will love this one!


I love Ayars Animation apps – they are positively the most creative app developers I know. Read my reviews of Jack in the Beanstalk and Cozmo’s Day Off.

Now, they have just released a third app: Pirate Puzzle. And yes, they've created another outstanding product. 

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The Pirate Puzzle app includes 15 different puzzles to solve. As you advance through the puzzles, each one gets harder to complete.

As a puzzle is completed, a mystery picture is unlocked revealing colorful, animated pirate characters, "authentic" pirate sound effects, and zany animations. It's like Pirates of the Caribbean in an app!

The promo says that the app is designed for ages 3-7 years old. I agree that the puzzles are designed for that age; however, the graphics might be another story. Although the designer tried to make them look cute, some of the gouls and ghosts are a bit scary for a 3 or 4 year old, and maybe older. (My daughter tells me she had nightmares from watching ET at 5 years old!) 

The bottom line: if you have a 3-7 year old who likes puzzles, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean, they'll absolutely love this app. If you have a 3-7 year old who scares easily, don’t buy this app. 

For pirate fans, this is another five-star app.

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