Otterbox Ipad2 Defenders works like it sounds - It's tough and protective!


The Otterbox for iPad2 Defender Case works just like it sounds: It’s rugged, tough, and protects like no other case I’ve seen on the market.

The Defender Case comes with three parts: the back case; the front, snap on cover; and a screen protector.

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Installation was too difficult for me. The directions are in pictures instead of text. If you’re a picture person like my son, Wil, it’s not a problem. So, I enlisted him to help me install the case and give his opinion. This review will give you both a male and female perspective of the case.

The front cover also serves as a stand. It hooks on the front for protection and then either flips off for use as a stand or snaps on the back for safekeeping. Both Wil and I thought this was handy. He likes it better than the Apple case because the Apple case hangs down and gets in the way, especially if you are right handed. You either have to take it completely off or let it hang. It’s easy to forget the Apple case if you’re not careful, but the fact that the front of the Defender case snaps on the back eliminates that problem. More importantly, the Apple case doesn’t protect the back of the iPad2 like the Defender does.

We both thought the stand feature of the Defender case is best for desktop use. Wil didn’t think he would use the stand much as he prefers to use his iPad2 on the sofa or in a chair. I would probably use the stand as I frequently take notes in a classroom setting or write at a table, such as when I’m at Panera Bread. We both appreciated that the stand could be used in a horizontal position as well as vertical. 

Wil said the ruggedness of the case was his favorite feature. He feels safe with this case on, even if he drops it. He also likes the see-through circle in the back where the Apple logo shows through. “A nice touch,” he said.

Another welcome feature of this case is that all the ports of the iPad are usable with the case on. There’s no need to take it out of the case.  

As a woman, the Defender case is too rugged and heavy for me to use. I like the features of the case, but it’s just too “manly.” However, Wil was thrilled to take it off my hands, so I know it will be put to good use! I highly recommend this case for the man in your life! 

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