One of my favorite childhood stories, Peter Rabbit, is now interactive!


PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit is a story that no child should miss. The classic tale for children has been enhanced with pleasant, relaxing narration, classical piano music playing in background, and interactive characters that bounce, wiggle, scramble, run and otherwise spring to life. Your child will find this an extremely enjoyable reading experience.

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The animations are cute and fun, some more fun than others. I enjoyed twitching the cat’s tail and making the characters move and “speak.” The birds tweet; Mr. McGreggor grunts; and the cat meows. I enjoyed listening to the flowerpots break and the fish swim in the water, however, Peter’s sneeze needs some work. It sounds more like a grunt than a sneeze. But, all in all, the sound effects definitely add to the experience.

I loved the pages with the pop out blackberries, gooseberries and leaves. The blackberries are awesome! After you pop them open, three-dimensional blackberries roll around on the screen just begging to be eaten. They look so real! You can’t eat them, of course, but you can push them onto the other side of the page and squoosh them! Then you can pop out more blackberries and start the process all over again. That was fun!

The problem is, the blackberries spoiled it for me when I experimented with the leaves and gooseberries. The leaves are fun to pop out and look at, but you can’t do anything with them. They’re stagnant – can’t even move them around. That was disappointing.

When I got to the gooseberries, I popped them open and rolled them about on the screen. That was fun. But when I tried to find something else to do with them like I did with the blackberries, alas! Nothing happened. Even more frustrating was the fact that the gooseberries kept appearing on the screen, but after popping out several of them, I couldn’t pop out any more. They just kept floating by, teasing me. Definitely frustrating!

Although I found some features that were a bit disappointing, I highly recommend this book-app for children. The story is a classic that every child should read. The illustrations are beautiful, the sound effects are pleasant, and the animations are fun. You won’t regret buying this app. Hopefully, the developer will continue to improve the animations making this app even better. 

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