Now I, too, can have indoor plants!

 I love plants, but I do NOT have a green thumb. As a matter of fact, most plants die within two days of arriving at my house. Not a pretty sight.

However, now that I’ve found Houseplant 411, I’m ready to take a chance and buy another indoor plant. There's something on this app for every plant lover - the "purple thumbs" like me and those of you who already pros at keeping indoor plants.

With Houseplant 411, you can search for the type of plant you need such as one with low light requirements or one that hangs. After finding a plant you like, you can read about its care requirements such as lighting, temperature, and water requirements. This will help me find those easy-to-take-care-of plants that I need!

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Then, if my plant gets a disease or “critters,” there’s a FAQ section which will help me identify the source of the problem and correct it. And best of all, if I really like my plant, it shows me how to propagate it and make more of them!

For those of you with green thumbs, be sure to view the video below and see all the features that will help you with your indoor plants.

This app gets 5/5 stars from me! I'm heading out to the plant store, today!


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