Notes to Store v. Pages

When comparing Notes to Store with Pages on the iPad, Notes to Store is a viable alternative for some users.

Pages retails for $9.99. Notes to Store currently retails for $3.99. The Notes to Store website calls this is an introductory price, so we can assume an increase is in the future. How high that goes will make a difference in how this compares to Pages.

Notes to Store offers multiple “notebooks” with unlimited pages. You can choose one of five templates: white blank, white with spiral binding look, yellow notepad, white with green lines, and white graph paper with green lines. An optional date stamp feature turns your pages into a journal.
The font style and color can be changed on a per-page basis only. This limits the look of your page to one font style and color.
The search feature takes a bit of getting used to. It doesn’t locate the search term on the page; instead, it simply indicates on which page the term is located. I suppose if you had lots of notes, at least it would get you to the page on which the term was written. This would be helpful in finding which note contains your supply list for a project, for example.
You can save and email the page or the notebook as an image, PDF or text. 
Pros of Notes to Store: (1) You can organize and search your notes, drawings and images right on the app, making it convenient and easy to locate specific notes. Pages simply floats your documents in the order you created them. (2) You can actually draw or paint right in the app. In Pages you can create shapes, but as far as I can see, you cannot draw.
Cons of Notes to Store: (1) There is no text wrap feature in Notes to Store as there is in Pages. This is a real turn-off for me. You have to put graphics on a separate line or your text will overprint them. (2) You are limited in the way you format your text to page-by-page formatting. Again, Pages has this feature down to a science.
Of course, Pages has many other features that make it a more professional app; however, if price and the drawing feature are important to you, I would recommend this app. As long as it stays cheaper than Pages, it’s definitely a viable alternative.
For more info on Pages, read John Painter’s Blog.


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