Muzx Ultra Earphones - a contender for best earphones!


I received the Muzx Ultra earphones a day after I wrote a review of the V-Moda Vibrato, so I can’t write this review without comparing the Muzx Ultra with the V-Moda Vibrato.

I spent about an hour listening back and forth between the two trying to find some difference in sound quality. I listened to all types of music: classical, instrumental, rock, country and voice recordings. Both earphones have beyond-excellent sound quality. The only difference I found is that I don’t need to turn the volume up as much on the Muzx as the V-Moda to get the same effect. However, even this is only a minor difference.

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You can read my review of the V-Moda on a previous post. The following relates to the Muzx Ultra earphones:


Listening to music with the Muzx Ultra earphones is sheer pleasure! It’s easy to imagine I’m in a concert hall listening to the music live when using these earphones; and I don’t have to turn the volume up very high to get this effect. The bass voices are deep and rich; the high notes are clear and crisp; and the instruments create a delightfully pleasurable experience in the background.

The inline remote is very easy to use. The volume controls are on the ends; the on/off control is the middle. No buttons to hunt for — simply squeeze an end or the middle and it works!  

The ear tips are comfortable and fit snugly. No worries about them falling out and no need for ear hooks or other similar gadgets to keep them in.


The construction is good, but they don’t feel as sturdy as the V-Moda Vibrato. I’ll be more careful with these earphones to keep them in tip-top shape. They do come with a soft-carry case with a spring-loaded opening that will protect them in my purse or pocket.

Bottom line:

If you need to save a few dollars, the price of the Muzx Ultra is less than the V-Moda Vibrato, and you’ll be more than satisfied with the sound quality. The Muzx ear tips are more comfortable than the V-Moda and stay in your ears a bit better. However, the construction of the Muzx is not quite as good as the V-Moda. The V-Moda Vibrato earphones may hold up to constant use better than the Muzx Ultra. V-Moda backs this up with a 2-year full warranty and a 50% off Lifetime Warranty. The Muzx offers a 30-day return policy.

For the sound quality and price, I give the Muzx Ultra 5 stars. Only time will tell on the construction, so I’ll reserve judgment on that. However, because of Muzx’s 30-day return policy, I do not hesitate recommending these earphones. 

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