A must-have for nature lovers!

Have you ever heard a mink talk? Do you know what kind of gait a Blue Heron has? Can you identify Grizzly Bear tracks?

The MyNature Animal Track app will help you do that and more!
It includes black and white illustrations of animal tracks and gaits, a built-in ruler to measure tracks, digital photos of the animals, and range maps showing where the animals live.
In some instances, you can also view a digital photo image of the track and hear a sound file of the animals (not all animals have these features yet).
There is a glossary to explain the definition of words such as “felid” and “omnivorous” mean. For those who like to get their hands dirty, there are also directions for making plaster castings of animal tracks.
This is the perfect app for nature lovers, teachers, parents, and students.
Be sure to view the YouTube video below to learn how to access all the features. Some are a bit hard to find.
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