Moshi doesn't stay in my car!


The Moshi Voice Control Bluetooth Speakerphone is supposed to stay in your car, but mine doesn’t. Just for fun, I hooked it to my computer screen in my office and I discovered that using it in the office is just as convenient as using it in the car! When I get a call, I continue working and answer the phone call at the same time! 

The Bluetooth connection and setup is quick and easy (I had mine set up and ready to go in less than 15 minutes!). The sound quality is excellent (features echo cancellation and ambient noise suppression). And it may save your life when driving (probably not when you're at your desk!)

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It truly is a no-hands speakerphone. When you get a call, Moshi announces the caller’s name (on select phones) or number and you decide if you will answer by replying, “Answer” or “Ignore.”  How easy is that?

If you want to make a call, you simply activate the Moshi with one of 13 voice commands (no hands required):  

  1. Call home
  2. Call office
  3. Call voicemail
  4. Answer/ignore
  5. Call Information (calls Bing 411 handsfree information)
  6. Redial
  7. Call back
  8. Call favorite 1-5 (You can have up to five favorites.)
  9. Phone Command (uses the voice recognition on the phone)
  10. Pair Mode (Pairs unit with phone)
  11. Am I connected? (Checks connection status)
  12. Check battery
  13. Settings Menu (starts configuration menu)

The rechargeable battery provides 6 hours of talk time (charges with included USB cable).

A magnetic clip attaches the Moshi to your car visor (or anywhere else!), and it works with most bluetooth enabled phones.

The Moshi is a great little speakerphone with lots of features (and uses)!

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