Mondo Solitaire - You won't get bored with this one!


If you like solitaire, you'll want to check out Mondo Solitaire. The app includes more than 100 different solitaire games, as well as 200 different combinations of playing.

You can find the game you want to play by searching alphabetically by name or by browsing the “popular” list. You can also select a game by how many decks of cards needed, the length of time needed to play game, or how easy the game is to win. Each game is described and provided with directions on how to play, as well as statistics on the skill level of game, the chance to win the game, and the length of game

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Personally, I’m a Klondike fan - boring I know, but it's my favorite game. I did however explore a few others and may stretch myself in the future. This app makes it easy to do so.

I especially love the sound effect, “uh umm” which is played when you try to move a card where you can’t. It helps me learn what I can and cannot do.

There is a “cheating” switch to enable, but it won’t allow you to cheat the way I like to – I like to pull a card from the "deal" pile out of order so I can keep playing if I get stuck. I'm all about winning! However, I couldn’t find a way to do that on this app. I guess most people don’t need to cheat as much as I do. Bummer!

Personally, I think it's a bit pricey at $9.99. (I received a review copy.) It might sell better at a lower price. Otherwise, it's a super app and one that all Solitaire fans will enjoy. 

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