Mental Case - contemporary flashcards make learning easy!

Mental Case is SO easy to use and it’s portable, which makes it an extremely effective tool for college students, homeschool families, employers or anyone who wants to learn something new.

With Mental Case, you create your own flashcards or import premade ones from FlashcardExchange contains thousands of premade flashcards on topics such as phonics, states and capitals, addition, spelling rules and weather terms. There are even flashcards to practice for the SAT, GRE or specific trades such as paramedics.

You can use the Mental Case iPhone app alone or purchase the Mac desktop app to make it even easier to create your flashcards.

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What makes Mental Case different from most other flashcard apps is the ability to import images or, if you are using the iPhone, take a photo and import the photo directly into Mental Case. This makes creating visual flashcards a snap. Imagine teaching your children the states and capital using photos of each state capitol or learning to speak a foreign language using a photo prompt!

After you have created your flashcards, you can sync them with your Mac over a wireless network or export them as JPGs, PDFs, or as a Mental Case Achive. This makes it easy to save or share your flashcards with others.

Mental Case automatically generates your lessons for you. You tell it how often you want to study and it reminds you when it’s time!

I used this app to study for a midterm last week and found it to be extremely helpful. I will definitely be using it again.

Disclosure: I received this app free from The Mental Faculty for review purposes.

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