Love those camera apps!

I love all the different camera apps that are available for the iPhone. It seems each one has something different to offer. Camera Plus Pro is no exception.

Using the Point Zoom feature on Camera Plus Pro, you can zoom to a particular point on the image for a close-up shot. (Close-ups are grainy, but this is a problem with the lens, not the app.)

The Timed Capture function enables you to set a countdown timer for up to 10 seconds, allowing you to be a part of the photo as well. The Burst mode function captures multiple photos continuously with a choice of 3 to 8 shots at a time, with only a second's difference between each shot. You can then view the shots and choose only the ones you want to save. NOTE: The original resolution is 1600x1200, however, you can set the resolution lower.

Camera Plus Pro also includes an anti-shake feature, which eliminates blurry pictures. You can imbed a copyright in your photo, and there’s a grid to help you line up your photo. However, if your photo is not straight, you an straighten it!

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Other features: Add three levels of “flash” to your photo to lighten it.  Adjust brightness, saturation, hue, sharpness and contrast. Crop (square or circular), stylize, tag and geotag. Best of all, you can also use the app to edit photos already in your photo album.

You can share your photos directly from the app by emailing or uploading to Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. Watch this video for more!

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