LOVE the new WeightWatchers App!

WeightWatchers Mobile App is everything a mobile app should be. I am currently on WeightWatchers and use the WeightWatcher’s e-tools. With this mobile app, I can now do everything I did on the Web site, on my iPhone.

When you first open the program (after you’ve registered your account), you will see a screen that shows your daily and weekly points remaining. From there, you can go to your favorites, recently added or featured recipes.

Clicking on the Tracker menu, shows the details of your weekly and daily points, plus your activity points. From here you can click “Add to tracker” and it brings up the “Add Item” screen containing not only your favorites and recently added, but also a calculator, Quick Add, and Activities tracker. There is also a Restaurant guide, which is VERY handy for eating out.

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In the Restaurant guide, you select the restaurant, then the food item. You select your serving size, the time of day you ate the meal, and the point value automatically enters into your tracker.

In the “Find” menu, you can find food, meals, recipes, restaurants, favorites, recently added and activities. Add “activities” to your tracker is super easy. Select from a huge list of activities, enter the time and it automatically enters the point value on your tracker. From the “Meals” menu within the “Find” menu, you can also enter your dietary preferences such as Kosher, Low-Fat, Low-Sodium, Diabetic, etc. Another very helpful feature in the “Meals” menu is the “Points Values,” where you can find a food by its point value.

From the “Calculator” menu, you can calculate the number of points for a specific food and create foods that are not on the list.

There is also a meeting locator menu, which is handy for finding a meeting. Input your zip code and it will find the nearest meeting to your current location.

The only thing you can’t do on this is keep track of your weight and measurements. Hopefully, that will be added in an update.

For more info, check the WeightWatchers Web site.

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