Looking for last minute Gift ideas?

#1: SuiteGear Kit by Bracketron: Not sure you can get this by Christmas, but I just received this in the mail and wanted to share it with you. SuiteGear is the perfect gift for anyone that has an iPad 2. It comes with a Braketron stylus (not the pen version), a microfiber cleaning cloth, Clean-iT screen cleaning spray, and a clear back cover for the iPad 2 that works with the smart cover. Retail $19.95. 

#2 Cushi Soft Foam Pad for your iPad 2 from id America. I LOVE my Cushi! I have the hot pink, green, white, purple and black stripe. Why do I love it? It's soft, cool, and practical. It keeps my iPad 2 from slipping when I have it out of its case. It's soft and squishy to touch - feels good! And I love the colors - awesome! Another great gift idea. They are available for iPad, iPad 2, and iPhone. Retail: $24.99

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PS: Something else you might like to know. The backing peels off easily if you need it to. (It will lose it's sticky so only do this if you need to.) Also, it will fit in your other iPad cases if they have a bit more extra room. 


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