Looking for Christmas Gifts? Check out Woogie 2 - the first huggable iPhone Case!


Imagine this: You’re sitting in the doctor’s office waiting and waiting and waiting. Your three-year-old is beginning to eat the plants, dig in the trashcan, or climb on the receptionist’s desk. You have nothing but your iPhone with which to entertain them. Do you let them use your phone?

Normally, the answer is no. It’s much too expensive and delicate to let a small child play with.

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But Griffin has come up with a solution! The Woogie 2, the world’s first huggable iPhone case! (Actually it works with iPhone and iPod Touch.)

This cuddly, colorful, and charming creature protects your device while your child stays out of trouble! The phone is tucked behind a plastic cover and fastened with two Velcro fasteners. No fingerprints on the screen! The Woogie allows them to safely use your device to play games, listen to music or watch a movie. It can be propped up or nested in a lap. All non-toxic materials and it’s available in pink or blue. Recommended for 3+.

I love it! These make super Christmas gifts for parents of young children!

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