LogMeIn is a 5-star app!


Although I found LogMeIn cumbersome to use, I did like the fact that I could access my computer when I need to while away from home. Very handy. However, I've decided not to use it because I don't like to leave my computer on 24/7. You have to take the "sleep" mode off your computer so that it's accessible all the time. It will not wake up your computer. 

My son, however, uses LogMeIn and loves it; so I asked him to write down what he likes and doesn't like about the program to add to my review. He did such a good job that I'm just posting his answer here. (By the way, he wrote this review by using his iPad to control his laptop through LogMeIn).

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Wil Downes' review of LogMeIn:

LogMein is a must-have for anyone who often finds himself driving back to work because he forgot to do something on his work computer. I, myself, use it to check on renders that are going throughout the evening or weekends.

The program does exactly what it says it does - it controls your mouse and keyboard. It works surprising well on 3g; however, I wouldn't want to work on it for more than a few minutes because dragging things takes quite a bit getting used to. (It can be done but it takes patience due to slow refresh.) There are several options on screen resolution if you can't handle the slow screen refresh. As I sit here right now, I have my resolution set to the highest my Macbook goes, and I'm using what LogMein calls "compressed color" using WiFi. I'm quite impressed.

if you have an iPad, this program is nice. It's ALMOST as nice as using LogMein computer to computer, but I wouldn't want to use it for hours at a time. I'd put it like this:

  • iPhone- bearable for emergency changes or to check on something when you are out of the house/office (under 10 minutes)
  • iPad- quite nice if you have to do something that will take under 30 minutes
  • Computer- if you really need to work on your computer, LogMeIn for the computer is the key. You could work on it all day and will more than likely be happy with it.

Multiple monitors work with it. Shake your iPhone to switch monitors.  

Two modes for how the mouse works - pan and zoom screen with fingers and the mouse stays in middle of the iPhone/iPad screen. (The way I like it on my iPhone.) Or the other way that lets you control the mouse more directly with pinch zoom affecting your zoom. (That's how I like it when I'm on the iPad like I am now.)

I love this program and I LOVE showing it off to my friends. I occasionally control computers that I work on out in Oklahoma from here in California using LogMeIn. No need to fly out. I can get on them anytime I need to in order to set up a render or retrieve and send files.

LogMeIn is worth the price. As a matter of fact, it's one of the few programs over a dollar that I've ever bought and I'd buy it again. There are other programs that work similar, may be cheaper and/or only work on jail-broken phones, but this one is pretty much the industry standard for controlling your computer - Mac or Windows.

LogMeIn is a 5-star app!

$29.99 in the App Store.

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