Little Engine That Could Review


The Little Engine That Could e-book features the original 1950’s art, but that’s about all I can say good about it. The animations are stilted and awkward, consisting of simple movements back and forth or objects flying across the screen. There is very little interactivity. All you can do is touch the images and listen to the sound effects or watch the objects wiggle.

The sound effects are ok: train horns, monkey chatter, and girls giggling. However, the sounds are repeated throughout, so there is not much new as you go through the book. 

I do like that the individual words are highlighted as the story is told, but you can’t select them to read individually. Having this ability would increase the e-book’s usefulness as a tool to reinforce reading skills.

My advice: Either create a unique experience when making books into e-books or forgot converting children’s books into apps. I would rather read the book. I didn’t find much here that makes this app worth the money. Currently priced at $6.99.

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