Kindergarten: 21 in 1 Pack is well worth the money

Kindergarten: 21 in 1 Pack is well worth the money. Although it was developed for Kindergarten age, it is useful for other ages as well. It's an app that will be useful for a number of years as a learning tool, enrichment or review. The app includes seven different features:

Drag and Play has four categories of play: General, alphabet, color and shapes. In General, you have to sort animals, shapes, colors, fruits, and vehicles. In alphabet, you sort the letters into baskets labeled T-Z, A-F, G-M, and N-S. This is pretty advanced so it will challenge some of your kindergarten age children. In shapes, you sort the circles, squares, triangles, stars, and hexagons. In Colors, you sort blue, green, black, yellow, and red shapes.

Animal Kingdom is fun! Tap on an animal and hear its sound. Kids will love this!

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Sketch is a drawing pad. You can choose one of six predesigned pictures included in the app, import your own photos or draw a picture yourself. Then color it. The brush is awkward around shapes, not easy to color in the lines! There are lots of colors to choose from. This will be fun for some kids, but frustrating for others. There are better drawing apps out there.

Writing – Alphabet or numbers 0-9; hear the sound of the letter of number; choose a color and draw over the image. You can’t make a mistake – it won’t show up until you do it right. Once you draw it right, it gives you verbal feedback and goes to the next letter. You can choose a letter or go through the alphabet in order.

Reading: Instruction in reading letters of the alphabet, numbers, colors, months, and days. In jumbled Up, you tap on letter and hear its sound. Then you drag it to it’s correct place on the board. The engraved, wooden letters are a bit hard to see. I would prefer more contrast for young children.

Word Learning Game: Choose from Animals, Vegetables & Fruits, Shapes, Colors, Common Words, and Vehicles. Then drag the letters into the correct spot to spell the object in the picture. Note: It uses British spelling!

Quiz: IN this quiz, you see a photo and four letters. The user must select the letter that is the beginning letter for the object in the photo. If you get the wrong answer, you try again. The letters are done in a funky style with eyeballs, cute, but a bit confusing for younger children just learning the alphabet. I would prefect letter that are more easily recognizable.

All in all, this is a fun and educational app for kids. The activities will appeal to some kids more than others depending on age, abilities, and interest. A 5-star app at $1.99.

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