KidCalc - an excellent math review tool for young children

KidCalc is an effective math-teaching and review tool for young children. Version 1.8 has five playing activities: Counting Puzzle, Flash Cards, Calculator, Math Puzzle, and Count Snowflakes.

The Calculator is just what it says – a calculator for kids.

In the Counting Puzzle, your child counts by 1s, 2s up to hundreds; also prime and binary numbers. After choosing the numbers in the correct sequence, the child is rewarded with a secret picture.

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In Math Puzzle, your child can review addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  After completing the problems, it reveals a photo and sound effect reward. In the Beginner Level, the animations available are very helpful in teaching your child basic math, rather than simply reviewing.

The Counting Snowflakes activity has changeable background themes (holidays, space) and music that plays in the background as your child taps the snowflakes and counts them one by one. A child’s voice counts along to help your child learn to count.

In all the activities, you can change the background and set the highest number used anywhere from 2 up to 1,000. You can have the sound on or off and set the problems to be sequential or random. The random seems more effective as the child has to actually recognize the number to play.

The only problem I see with this program is in the Math Puzzle. Instead of the student typing an answer in, he or she selects one of four answers. This makes it too easy to estimate rather than do the actual problem. I hope they fix this in future versions. 

The program is colorful and has fun sound effects that will interest young children . This is highly recommended for PreK-3rd grade. If a more “hip” voice and sound effect is added as an option, it would also appeal to older students who need review.

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Find out more on the KidCalc Web site.   

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