Just Jigaw - No More Missing Pieces!

Puzzles are great fun. Now I can put a puzzle together anytime and in anyplace. I don’t have to worry about lost pieces or even having my cats jump on it and mess up my hard work!

Just Jigsaw is a jigsaw puzzle app created for the iPhone 3.2 or iPad. It includes 15 photo puzzles in the app, but better still, you can import your own photos, too. I tried the app with a photo I took of the Cadillac Ranch in the Texas Panhandle. Loved it!
I found Just Jigsaw particularly fun and engaging when I enabled the pieces to rotate. It was much too easy otherwise. You can make it harder yet by changing the piece size to 25, 35 or 48 pieces. For those who need a hint, you can easily peek at the finished product while working on the puzzle.
There is a bug in the program that makes some of the pieces stick to the edges. They become really difficult to get off and put into play. The app developer has assured me that this will be fixed in this next update. In the meantime, the work around is to grab the edge nearest the center of the screen and hold. It will usually “unglue.”
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