An Instructional App for Clarinetists

Clarinet in Reach was created by Anthony McGill, the principal Clarinetist of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. The app includes fingering charts and a dictionary of musical terms, as well as audio and video files, all related to the clarinet. 

The Fingering Chart illustrates fingering and alternate fingering of notes on the clarinet, while the Trill Chart illustrates fingering and alternate fingering for trills. 
An alphabetical dictionary of terms makes it easy to look up a musical terms and read the definition. It also includes notation when applicable.
There are currently four audio files that can be downloaded from the app. These files are Clarinet Etudes performed by Anthony McGill. The app also includes a link to the Music In Reach Website where you can purchase the sheet music for these etudes. Personally, I would prefer that the app include the price of downloading the sheet music in the price of the app, even if the cost was higher. I felted a bit cheated that I had to purchase something else to make total use of the app. 
There are also four Instructional videos currently on the app, which include Assembly of Your Instrument, Creating an Embouchure (mouth positioning) and First Note, Hand Position and Posture,  and Putting on Your reed and Ligature. These are helpful for novice players as review. 
There is also a link to two performances by Anthony McGill: one at the Presidential Inauguration and one with Susan Graham at the Met. All videos connects with YouTube and more audios and videos are to be added at a later date.
At $1.99, this app is a helpful tool for beginning musicians. The fingering charts and dictionary alone are worth this investment.
For more information, see the Music In Reach Web site.


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