InCharge Mobile - top rated for design and performance


I've been using the InCharge Mobile iPhone 4 for more than a week and absolutely love it. Here's why:
It's perfect for a quick recharge when your phone battery dies. Simply flip the on/off switch to "on" and continue using your phone. It doubles your iPhone talk time. I purposely let my phone drain down to 10%, flipped the switch, and kept using the device. Within three hours, it was back up to 98% charged. I didn't notice when it hit 100%, but when I checked later, it was there. I'm totally satisfied with the charging capacity.
I like the case, too. It's a nice fit for the phone, sturdy but not heavy; and I like the smooth, rubber texture. It's easy to grip. I also like the forward facing sound ports. That's a nice touch that slightly increases the volume of the phone. Excellent idea!  
Another unique feature of this case is the built-in viewing stand for watching videos or using FaceTime. So simple, but so useful! Note: Remove the top of the case to open the stand. It took me a bit to figure this out. I kept trying to pull it out without removing the top, but it doesn't work that way. It helps to read the directions! The stand is perfect for watching videos or using FaceTime.
This is a great case. I previously used the Mophie Juice Pack on my iPhone 3 and loved it; but after receiving the XtremeMac InCharge for the iPhone 4, I have to say that the InCharge is now my top rated phone charger, both for design and performance.
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