iAnnotate PDF - one app that will stay on my iPad


Finally, a PDF reader and annotation tool that’s different: iAnnotate PDF integrates your notes right into the document, not as a layer on top of the document. You can read these annotated documents with any standard PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader or Preview.

iAnnotate PDF opens PDF documents from an email or downloads it from a Website. Once it’s open, you can mark it up with notes directly on the document or create a note that pops open with a tap to read. You can also draw a sketch to diagram, copy text, add highlights, and underline. iAnnotate also makes it easy to receive, sign and return documents and contracts.

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What I really appreciate about the app is the Interactive Help. If you get stuck, click on Interactive Help; then tap the tool with which you need help. Up pops a dialogue box that explains the tool and how to use it. This makes the app extremely easy to learn to use. In less than 15 minutes, I was able to download this form from my Website and mark it up using iAnnotate. This is an app I will leave on my iPad!

$9.99 in the App store.

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