How to Transfer Contact Info on Your iPhone or iPod Touch

How many times have you wanted to send someone contact information from your iPhone or iPod Touch, but you couldn’t do it? Instead, you had to manually type the information into an Email to send it or tell them the information over the phone. Big time waster!

iBeam ( has solved this problem! Now you can quickly and easily send contact information to anyone who has a phone. iBeam allows you to send contact information in three different ways:

Direct Beam – This directly beams your contact information to anyone who has the iBeam app installed and who is connected to the same WiFi network. This method will also transfer contact photos. This is not Bluetooth, but it seems just as easy to me.

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Barcode – This method transfers the contact information by barcode. Both phones must have the iBeam app installed. Using iBeam, the sending iPhone creates a barcode of the contact information. The receiving phone takes a photo of this barcode and then converts the barcode into contact information, which is then saved into your contacts.

Email – This is the most versatile method. The iBeam converts your contact information into a vCard so you can email it to anyone, regardless of what kind of phone they have.  The receiving device does not have to be an iPhone or iPod. It works with anything that can open vCards. There is also a “plain text” feature so you can email the contact information to someone whose phone cannot import vCards. Photos cannot be sent via email.

With all three methods, you are able to choose which information you want to include from your contact list: name, address, email, phone, birthday, anniversary, and custom fields. You can even add a note to the one receiving your contact information.

Anyone who needs to transfer contact information back and forth will like this app. I give it 5 stars.  

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