How to Make Traveling With Children FUN!

Better yet, how to make traveling fun for yourself! I found Travel Games Ultimate Edition very fun, and I’m over 18 (just a little).

The app features five games: Rock, Paper, Scissors; Slug Bug; License Plates; Find it! Pictures; and Scavenger Hunt.

My favorite is Scavenger Hunt. In this game, the object is to find a variety of objects as you travel. Objects include easy-to-find items like a cow, flowers, and bridges to not-so-easy-to-find items like a lawn mower, water tower, and a taxi. I like this game because you can play and still enjoy the scenery.

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License Plate is similar to Scavenger Hunt except you hunt for license plates, instead of objects. The app also includes license plates for those traveling in Canada.

In Rock, Paper, Scissors, you can play one or two players. The game plays exactly as you think; however, the app itself generates the rock, paper or scissor. Personally, I would rather use my hands for this game.

My other favorite game on the app is Slug Bug. The app gives the game a bit more twist by allowing the players to “design” their own vehicle (shape and color) and by adding a time limit. Once you design your vehicle, you have to find as many of these vehicles as you can in the amount of time you've allotted. In a two-player game, each player taps the other players “bug” when they see the vehicle. The winner is the one with the fewest taps.

Find It! PIctures features a variety of images on the screen and words displayed at the bottom of the screen. The player scrolls around the screen looking for a photo to match one of the words displayed. Once found, player taps the word and the word is crossed out. Not my favorite game because you can cheat by clicking the word without finding the picture. Perhaps kids would like it.

Games can be saved for later play, a nice feature for potty breaks!

One other feature I should mention is that players can use the app to locate where they are on Google Maps. Maybe this will keep them from saying, “Are we there yet, Mommy?”

All in all, I think you will find this a fun app that will entertain you, your spouse or your children when you travel. 

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