Handstand for iPad2 - DIfficult Installation but it was worth the effort


Just like the original Handstand, Handstand for iPad2 is the best solution for one-hand operation that I have tried.

It’s tough to get on – my son, Wil, put it on for me and said his fingers literally “hurt” after he was done. It also damaged my screen protector around the on/off button, which is not good. Wil recommends that you put the bottom on first to avoid that problem. It was easier to get off than on.

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What makes it a great product is how it works after you get it on. The Handstand for iPad2 makes the device easy to hold in one hand, and it’s less tiring on the hands when you have to hold the device up for long periods of time. Its 360-degree rotation could be helpful for some; however, both Wil and I thought that the rotation in the iPad2 itself was all that we needed.

Of course, as a woman, I love that it is not only available in black and white, but it’s also available in PINK! 

Handstand for iPad2 does its job well. It’s perfect for presentations or anytime you need to hold your iPad2 in one hand.

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