The Handstand - great for presentations!

The Handstand is a tool that’s perfect for multi-media presentations, demonstrations, and for using apps that need quick orientation changes.

It provides a good grip and easy manipulation of the iPad. It’s comfortable, too. I have a small hand and it works fine for me. I think a larger hand would be even more comfortable with it.

It doesn’t add a lot of weight, which is also great.

The ability to rotate the device easily is my favorite feature of this gadget. It’s easy to rotate and clicks into place at any angle you need. You don’t have to worry about it falling off either, as the elastic strap is sturdy and comfortable.

The Handstand is also advertised as an iPad stand; however, that’s not my favorite feature. It’s a bit wobbly as a stand.

But I love this for presentations and for apps that need quick orientation changes.

The Handstand is available for the iPad, with an upgrade to the iPad2 coming soon. 

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