Forget the Melatonin - Try this app!

Melatonin is an alarm clock app for the iPhone, but unlike other alarm clocks, this one is peaceful and almost hypnotic!

An adorable yellow bird sits on a rock in a sunlight yard. When you’re ready to go to sleep, you tap the bird, and night begins to fall. The little bird says “Goodnight” and proceeds to twitter gently as the sun slowly goes down and the stars begin to twinkle. You can set how long you want sunset to last or skip this altogether.

During the night the screen shows a night scene with tiny stars that twinkle the night away. In the morning, before the alarm goes off, the sun begins to creep up, very slowly, highlighting the sky with golden yellow rays as it climbs higher and higher in the sky. Once the sun is all the way up, the bird wakes and begins twittering.

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For those of us who are light sleepers, the twittering is all the noise we need to wake up. For those who need a little more noise, you can set the alarm to play music from your iTunes library.

If you tap the screen during the night, large stars will appear and tell you the current time.

Other themes on the app are a penguin with icy weather sound effects and a crab with ocean waves sound effects. I prefer the sweet little bird, but the others are just as cute.

I love this app. The graphics are adorable, the bird is adorable, and the whole experience is extremely peaceful. This one has 5 stars from me.

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