Easy traveling with an iPhone!

I've been traveling the last few days doing seminars, visiting local attractions, and going to a writer's conference. My iPhone has come in handy MANY TIMES!

First, I used MileBug to keep track of my mileage and expenses for tax purposes.

Then, I use maps to get around. I have three GPS available to me, one on my iPhone, one in the car, and one portable; but I keep going back to maps. For me, I would just rather read a map!

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I use AroundMe a lot! Not only does it provide information about restaurants, gas stations, etc. but my favorite feature is the search feature. As those who read my blog know, I’m a book nut. So I put in “used books” or “books” in the search menu, and it brings up all the bookstores around me, along with a link to maps to find it. I LOVE THIS! I’ve also used it for looking up Starbucks. With a more specific search, it brings up more choices.

Yesterday, I used Mall Maps to find the local Apple Store (I was hoping to see some iPad stuff, but no luck!). The MallMap app is great because it not only showed where the mall was, but it includes a list of the stores and a mall floor plan for locating the store in the mall. How cool is that!

My favorite camera app, right now, is Camera Tools Pro. So, I’ve used that quite a bit to take pictures and upload to my Facebook page.

And keeping in touch with my family back home is easy. When I can’t talk on my phone, I’m now using Ping to text message!

Now, off to my conference - Bye!

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