Easy Release - for Professional Photographers


One thing that all photographers have to do is to obtain and store model releases. Easy Release makes that chore a easier.

Easy Release was designed by a professional photographer to replace paper model releases. It comes with pre-bundled, industry-standard model and property releases in 13 languages. The legal text is customizable so you can either use it “as is” or customize it to your own needs. (Note: The app is approved for use by Getty Images.)

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Here’s what’s cool about the app: You can do it all on the iPad or iPhone, even the signature! The photographer and model sign right on the device itself. The photographer’s signature can be stored as default so she/he only has to do it once.

When all the information for the release is completed, you can immediately email a copy of the release as a PDF or JPEG to all parties involved. Another neat feature is that the app works with your contacts to prefill all the details in such as address, phone, and email.


You do have to pay an additional $3.99 for the option to add multiple brands, add custom fields, and turn off fields such as Witness, Gender and/or Ethnicity, Shoot End Date, Other Names, and Compensation (Amount and Tax ID). It’s a feature that most photographers will want; and, personally, I don’t see the reason for charging more for it. The app is currently $9.99. A fair price for an app of this quality, but that price should include the custom features, too.

If you take photos professionally, this is an app that will save you time; and it's convenient!

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