Dropkick - 5 Stars for Simplicity!

I’m a To-Do List junkie. I think I own everyone out there. With each new one I get, I find something I like better about it than the previous one. Today, I want to tell you about Dropkick.

Warning: You won’t like this app if you’re looking for a sophisticated organizer. Instead, I recommend Omni Focus. But for the rest of you, read on:   

Dropkick is a SIMPLE To-Do list app. Type in your tasks and check them off as you complete them. That’s it. Sheer genius. Perfect for those of us who like checklists!

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I’ve been using Dropkick for a couple of months now, and I love it! With the recent update, I love it even more. Now, I can organize my tasks into lists. Most people organize their lists by categories, such as work, personal and grocery; but I discovered that I like to organize mine by days of the week.

After I have created my lists, I drag each task around to prioritize it within each day. Now, when I click on Monday, I see the tasks that I want to do on Monday, listed by priority. If I change the priority or day, I simple move the around by dragging it in the right place.


As soon as I make additions or changes to my lists, the app syncs the new information between all my devices, including my iPhone, iPad, and my Mac desktop. (You have to buy the desktop app separate. It's currently priced at $4.99.)

Now, here's the incredible part: I don’t have to remember to sync it. It syncs automatically over the Internet. You gotta love that!

The only thing I’m looking for now is an iPad-specific version. I use the iPhone version on my iPad, but I'd like to see an iPad version that mimics the desktop version in landscape view.

Bottom Line: For those of you who like super-simple checklists with easy synchronization, I can’t recommend Dropkick enough. 5 Stars!


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