Don't break anything - they don't make replaceable parts!

I love my XtremeMac InCharge battery case for my iPhone 4 and gave it great reviews; but today, I am disappointed with the manufacturer. I dropped my iPhone, hitting the top of the case of the street which broke the small part on top that covers the on/off switch for the iPhone (the opening on right). This piece was used to control the phone's on/off switch. Now, I have to take the top off the XtremeMac battery case every time I want to put the phone to sleep or turn it on or off. 

I wrote the manufacturer about getting a replacement top and received this note in reply: 

Dear Cindy,
Thank you for contacting technical support. Regarding your problem, the checked with our parts supplier and unfortunately, that's not a replaceable part. Also, the warranty doesn't cover any acts of God or physical damage.
If you require more information about this, please let me know. 
Best regards,
Juan Moscoso
Technical Support Specialist

So, the bottom line is, if you break even a small part (this part could easily be a replaceable part), you will have to pay the entire $79 all over again. I'll probably look at Mophie for a replacement battery case as the top and sides of this case are metal. It should hold up better and I won't have to worry about an "Act of God" or my own clumsyness. :)

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