Do you know which amendment gave us income taxes?

Here’s an app everyone should have on their iPhone: American Dreams. Don’t depend on talk show hosts or newscasters to tell you what our government officials and documents say. Read them and hear them for yourself right on your iPhone.

Find out what the Constitution really says about our freedoms. Learn which amendment gave women the right to vote and which one gave us all the “right” to pay income taxes. 

Read the landmark Supreme Court decision, Marbury v. Madison, which established the concept of judicial review.

Listen to Neil Armstrong at the Moon Landing or President Reagan’s speech to Gorbachev on tearing down the Berlin Wall.

American Dreams includes 480 speeches and documents, 90 Supreme Court Decisions, and 18 audio recordings. It “immerses the reader in America history, from the time of the first Explorers to the settling of the Plymouth Rock. Users can read firsthand accounts of the Building of the Erie Canal or the invention of the Cotton Mill.”

An excellent reference tool for students and citizens of all ages and walks of life.

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