Cute Math is Not Only Cute, It's Effective!

I love all these new educational apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Many of us have been in situations where we wish we had something for our children to do while waiting. These educational apps serve just that purpose.

Many of them are effective teaching tools as well and Cute Math v. 1.2 ( is one of those. It’s fun to do and colorful; it has interesting sound effects and, best of all, it not only reinforces your child’s math knowledge, but actually teaches simple counting, addition, and subtraction skills.

There are six mini games in the app. Melon Harvest and Apple Harvest teaching counting. Baby Penguins helps your child to recognize numbers and put numbers in sequence. Happy Birds (my personal favorite) teaches addition. Fruit Fall teaches subtraction. Balloon Bounce and Parachute Jump are review games for addition and subtraction. The difference between the last two is that Parachute Jump is timed.

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I especially like the way Cute Math teaches addition and subtraction. The Happy Birds are sitting on wires  - some on one wire and some on another. Your child counts the birds on each wire, one wire at a time. Then the child double taps the screen and all the birds from the bottom wire fly (while making chirping sounds) to top wire. Now your child counts them all together. After he or she is done counting, your child drags the correct answer up to the spinning circle of lines at the top of the screen. The reward is a bugle sound effect.

Fruit fall does something similar with subtraction. When your child double taps on the screen, some of the apples fall to the ground. Your child then counts how many are left on the tree to get the correct answer.

The two review games are effective tools for reinforcing what your child learned from the adding and subtracting games.

Cute Math is one of my favorite educational apps so far. I highly recommend it for anyone with children who are just learning to count, add or subtract.

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