Crayola ColorStudio HD


The Crayola ColorStudio HD kit is so much fun! It’s the perfect solution for keeping young children busy while waiting at the doctor’s office or anywhere else they may say, “I’m bored!” 


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The biggest challenge you’ll have with this device is getting the battery case open. You’ll need a very tiny Phillips screwdriver to do it. I had to search for a while to find one the right size. If you don’t have one, you’ll have to buy one. I suggest the manufacturer create a different type of fastener for the battery case as not everyone keeps such a tiny tool in their home.  


However, once I got the “crayon” working, it was easy from there. I downloaded the free ColorStudio HD App and pressed the top of the “crayon.” Immediately, the “crayon” lit up and we were ready to go. The battery that came with the device worked fine. 


There are about 30 pre-made coloring pages included, a Free Draw feature that provides you a blank page for your drawings, and a “Make a Coloring Page” feature where you assemble your own coloring page using clip art, sound effects and animation included on the app.





After you select or create your color page, you can color it on the iPad itself or print it and color with traditional crayons. I used my Air Print feature - so easy!



The crayon color, tip size, and style can be changed by tapping various icons. There’s an “eraser” for mistakes and a Zoom feature you can turn on so you can zoom the picture up larger to color in smaller areas. NOTE: You have to hold the "crayon" upright in order for it to work. This may frustrate young toddlers. The device will not work on screen protectors either.




For my first coloring page, I selected a dolphin picture and what fun it was! I started coloring the dolphin and accidentally tilted the iPad. My dolphin began swimming away! Now I had to color it while it was moving! I finally got the fish to stop and finished coloring him. He kept swimming around getting in the way, so I’d have to wait for him to move before I could color behind him. That was fun!



I love the “Color in the lines” feature. I’m a perfectionist and like it that this feature stops the color from going over the lines. You can turn this feature off if you like. 



While you’re coloring, there is all kinds of animations going on. Bubbles are moving around, fish are swimming, and puffer fish puff up when you try to color them! Tap on a treasure chest and it opens with a squeaky sound. 


A bubbling sound in the background sets the scene so you feel like you’re right there in the picture! My cat stood over my desk as I was coloring and became fascinated with the App, even pawing at the screen. When he pawed the ship’s door, it squeaked and my cat jumped! Hilarious. If my cat and I enjoy this device so much, so will your kids!


Absolutely love it Recommended for ages 5 and up.

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