Cooking with the FridgePad - love it!

One of my favorite apps is Paprika Recipe Manager. I use it in the kitchen almost everyday, but I worry about getting food or liquid on my iPad. But now, with the FridgePad, I can hang my iPad on the refrigerator out of the way of food and liquid spills. Perfect!

You can use the FridgePad to read recipes; check your email, the news, travel info, and weather; listen to music or watch videos. 

It’s amazingly secure, too! The magnet is STRONG enough to withstand door slams! 

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The FridgePad works with the iPad and iPad2 (upgrade coming soon). It comes in silver, black, cream, white and red. Other than the Apple Smart Cover for iPad2, you'll have to take the iPad out of its case in order to use the FridgePad. 


The only problem I had, which is not a problem of the FridgePad, is that the volume on the iPad is not all that great. It makes it hard to listen to the radio or TV, especially with kitchen noises in the background. Anyone know of a mini-speaker system that would work with this?


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