Color&Draw is NOT for Adults ONLY!

The Color&Draw website says it's an app for kids, but I'm here to tell you that it's for adults, too!

I took my iPad to lunch, today, to celebrate Easter with family and friends. After it made the rounds and garnered LOTS of attention from the wait staff, one of my friends, Casey Nunemaker, began playing on the Color&Draw app. By time we finished dessert, she had created her first "masterpiece."  It wasn't long before others demanded their turn and began showing off their art work. None of these were under the age of 20!

I, myself, spent quite a while on this app. However, I don't color in the lines very well. What I like best are the blank pages where I can create my own drawings and use the stickers! 

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Color & Draw contains dozens of predesigned coloring pages including pictures of animals, kids, insects, dinosaurs, birds, fish, scenery, occupations, planes, trains, and cars. In addition, there are blank pages (either white or black), a decorative border sheet, and a special page on which you can draw over an image imported from your photo library. You can change colors, size of the stroke, and erase your mistakes with a special eraser.

When you’ve completed your "masterpiece," you can email your drawing, save it to the Color&Draw gallery, or save it to your photo album.

If you're looking for an enjoyable activity for your kids (whether age 3 or 33), I heartily recommend Color&Draw. Just remember to share. It's not for adults, only!



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