Buy a VooMote for each family member and throw away all your remotes!

Here’s how simple it is!

1. Attach the VooMote to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via the dock connector.

2. Download the VooMote app from iTunes

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3. Pick a room: Choices include living room, bedroom, study, guest room, kids room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. (Needs a recreation room!) You can add other rooms (like a Rec Room), but you have to use one of the eight logos included on the app to represent it.

4. Pick a device category: TV, DVD-player, BluRay, Cable box, Satellite, DTT/DTV/DVB-T, DVR, VR, VP, audio device, CD player, IPTV & Digital Media Player, Game Console, or Home Automation. Again, you can add categories not listed here.

5. Pick a brand: There are dozens of brands under each category. If your brand is not listed, it’s easy to add.

Once you generate your room and device, the app creates an icon for each.

Now it’s time to train your device. This is amazingly easy! If you have several devices, this might take a while, but one device can be set up in minutes. 

The VooMote sends out and receives IR signals. To train the device, simply point your existing remote at your Voo-Mote. Press, hold a second, and release. Then, go to the next button. You do have to train each button separately; but it doesn’t take long.

All standard buttons are available such as record, play, rewind, fast forward, etc. There are even some blank buttons that can be programmed with special functions or macros for your particular remote. (You just have to remember which of these keys does what as they will not be labeled.) If you make a mistake in programming, you can hit edit and reprogram. It’s very easy to edit.

Here’s what I didn’t like:

There was no Wii listed on the app! Yes, I can add it, but who could forget the Wii?

It’s biggest benefit is also one of it’s disadvantages: The VooMote gadget is so very small!  It’s about 1.5” x 1,” so you could easily lose this device. I won’t leave it on my mobile device, although I doubt it could be knocked off. It just feels awkward. I’d like to see the manufacturers add some kind of key ring or belt clip to the VooMote Zapper so I could attach it to my purse, case, or something else when not in use.

Here's what I did like:

Programming was easy on this device. I didn’t even read the directions! The VooMote Zapper walks you through the process, one step at a time. There’s a help function on the app if you need it. Simply select the ? icon for help.

Knowing your TV, DVD, etc. model number is optional with the VooMote. You can teach the VooMote without it. This is particularly helpful if you can’t find or read your model number!

Best of all, you don’t have to have remotes all over the house! The VooMote controls all your audio, video, and gaming equipment on one remote. Walk room to room and simply swipe across the screen to select the piece of equipment you want to control.

It doesn’t require batteries - so there’s no charging!

It comes in eleven colors. I like that, too!

Very cool product! 5 STARS!

The VooMote Zapper retails for $69.99.

NOTE: I reviewed the VooMote Zapper with the iPhone app. Different features will be included in the new, native iPad app, coming 2012. It will include more built-in brands (Hopefully, the Wii!), as well as a built-in TV guide that will allow you to view your TV schedule right on your iPad. It will also include Facebook and Twitter functions right on the app

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