Biblicious feels like a real game show - great fun!

Biblicious gives me the feeling that I’m participating in a real game show - I like that! The host sounds like the guy from Let's Make a Deal or one of those other game shows, which is really effective in setting the mood. 

The questions are fun - some easy and some challenging - so anyone with a bit of knowledge of the Bible should enjoy playing. And what a clever way to learn something new about the Bible. When you get a wrong answer, it gives you the scripture reference so you can look it up and learn more.  

As you play Biblicious, you are rewarded with manna (points) for each right answer. Manna is subtracted when you answer incorrectly. At the end of the game, you can compare your score with others on the Manna Leader Board.

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There are three game modes:

  • Single Player – a timed game for one player.

  • Practice Mode – No timer on this one. Just practice and learn.

  • Mix & Match – You better be a fast reader to play this one. The question pops up and the answers float by – fast! You have to snag the right answer before it disappears.

You can choose to be tested on 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 questions from the Old Testament, New Testament or a mixture of both.

For you Bible scholars, you can submit your own questions, too.

Great job. I love it  – 5 stars!

All I want now is a Biblicious Teddy Bear from the Pariahware Store. Isn't it adorable!

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