Better protection for iPad than most - but READ the fine print!

The G-Form Extreme Sleeve features a patented "impact absorption" material that is soft, flexible, lightweight, and water-resistant. The bag is slightly larger than the iPad itself, so it can easily be placed into another bag or backpack for transporting. 

The case feels like molded rubber outside and has a soft lining inside to protect the screen. The rubber is quite thick and molded into deep cushioned patches that should protect your iPad from most impact. The zipper is strong and attached to the case well. 

The Extreme Sleeve comes with a lifetime warranty; however, the warranty is for the sleeve only. The manufacturer makes no claim for responsibility for damage to what's inside - meaning your iPad. Read the fine print! 

That said, this is one of the most protective cases I've seen for the iPad. It would probably bounce a bit, if dropped. I'm not going to drop mine to find out! (My son, however, did an experiment where he tried breaking something that he put in the case by dropping it. It didn't break!)

I do disagree with the previous reviewer who said the edge is the weak point. The iPad fits in the case very tightly (as mentioned in other reviews). The edge of the case is extremely cushioned when an iPad is inside - about ¾" of rubber. The only way the edge is weakened is if the case is open with nothing in it. Then the sewn edge is exposed, protected only by a seam of rubber. This can't happen with an iPad in it. However, that doesn't mean I think this case will protect from all impacts, but I don't think that reviewer gave it credit where credit is due. 

I would recommend this for someone who likes to use his or her iPad without a case, but wants to protect it during transport. Although it's not a guarantee, I believe this case will protect your iPad better than most other cases. 

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