The Battle of the Cases: Defender versus Ballistic

There are two cases that protect your iPhone from just about anything: The Ballistic Hard Core and the Otterbox Defender.  So which to buy? 


• Both provide the best protection you can buy. The Ballistic provides five layers of protection. The Otterbox provides three. However, the three layers are all that’s needed for most people. If you’re a telephone repair man or think you might drop your phone three stories, then you might want the extra layers of the Ballistic.

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• Both sell for the same price.


• To me, it really boils down to style. Do you like the rugged look of the Ballistic? Or the stylish look of the Defender. 


The Defender comes in more colors and styles, including plum, teal, sun yellow and night blue. There’s even a camouflage color! (The price is higher on this one.)


Personally, I don’t need the extra layers of the Ballistic and I prefer the stylish, smooth case of the Defender. It provides all the protection I need, it’s lighter, and it’s stylish. What more could I want! 


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