Ballistic Sport Universal Pouch Review


My husband, Bill, has been using a horizontal belt clip made of leather. His first comment about the Ballistic Sport Rugged Universal Smart Pouch was that it will take him a bit of getting used to since it’s a vertical case.

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However, after using it a few days, here is our impressions:


We both like the feel of the leather on the horizontal pouch better, but Ballistic’s nylon is very durable. We are confident it will last a long time.

 The Soundvent is a good feature, especially since there are no openings in this case. The sound was just as loud in this case as the leather one which had openings all around. In other words, the Soundvent works great.

Just about any phone would fit in this case. The iPhone has plenty of wiggle room and is easy to get in and out. However, we can’t use our battery pack on the iPhone while using this case. It’s just too tight to get in and out. If you depend on a battery pack, you may want to look elsewhere.

Most of all, we love the clip. It has a notch that anchors around the bottom of the belt. This gives it a much better grip and helps prevent it from coming off his belt. 


Bottom Line: Bill is using the vertical case. Since he doesn’t need a battery pack (He uses his iPad more than the iPhone.), he doesn’t need more room in the case. 


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