AWESOME Conversation Piece for the iPhone 4 - the Gasket


id America Gasket Brushed Aluminum case for iPhone 4

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The Gasket case, inspired by the shape of a head gasket on a performance engine, will definitely get your friends’ attention and spark conversation. This case is sleek; it fits nicely in your hands; and it’s visually appealing. It comes in six awesome colors: Rally Blue, Vintage Gold, Modern Bronze, Titanium Gray, Jet Black and Aluminum Silver.

Contrary to another reviewer’s comment, I did not find any signal loss when using this case. I had the same number of bars both with the case on and off.

At $29.99, the case includes front and back screen protectors, a squeegee for application and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

The Gasket case is designed to be used with id America’s Carbon Back-Skin for added protection (sold separately for $9.99). In my opinion, however, this is still not enough protection.

I must admit, however, that I like the style of this case so much that I’m currently carrying my iPhone in it! I normally carry my iPhone in a Mophie battery case, which provides both protection and extra battery life, but I am so enjoying the attention I am getting with the Gasket. It is super awesome in the looks department and so fun to carry!

Style – 5 stars+

Protection – 2 stars

Value – depends on the person buying it. If you are into style, it’s a super value; if you’re looking for protection, you might want to try something else.


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